Public Schools Done Differently

At Paramount Online Academy, we do things a little differently. Like traditional online schools, our curriculum follows state standards. What sets us apart are live, teacher-led lessons with guided practice that keep students engaged and inspired every day. We are free and open to any family in the state of Indiana.

At Paramount Schools of Excellence, every child has access to an exceptional education. We opened our first campus in 2010. Since then, we've been perfecting our supportive and award-winning academic approach. That same methodology extends to our Online Academy where live, teacher-led instruction occurs three times daily, mirroring an on-campus block schedule. Honoring the school’s mission of inclusion, Online Academy students also have access to extracurricular activities and athletics on Paramount campuses.

Paramount is committed to a safe, inclusive learning environment. Our multicultural faculty and student body values and celebrates diversity.


Discover Differently. Learn Differently.

Encourage Differently

K - Grade 8

Phone: 317-519-4588

The Online Academy supports Paramount’s mission of empowering students from anywhere in the state to achieve academic success with excitement, inclusion, and community collaboration.

Leading digital curriculum platforms 

Live, teacher-led lessons with guided practice

Full-day of instruction mirroring an on-campus block schedule

Online students may join on-campus athletics and activities

Clubs + Sports

Football + Flag Football

Cross Country


Chess Club







Junior Chess Academy

Music + Art


Why do families choose Paramount?

"We've tried different schools, but a lot of them don't consider each child’s individual needs. I have three kids in the Online Academy, all with different challenges. You guys look out for them, and there's always communication so I know what's going on."

"Yesterday I was struggling with math, and I was able sign on to office hours and get help. And now today, somehow I understand the stuff."

"It’s nice to hear the kids communicate and interact with the teachers and staff. And I appreciate that the teachers have different backgrounds and skills they can share with my daughter."

Online Academy student

Jessica Toledo, 

Students in 3rd, 7th, and 8th grade

NaTasha Allen, 

Student in 8th grade


Questions about Paramount? We've got answers.

Does Paramount Online Academy cost money?

No. We are 100% tuition free. No vouchers needed. You just need to apply. If there is an open seat, it's yours.

Do you have support services for students with IEP or ESL needs?


Do you provide before-care, after-care, and transportation?

Paramount offers before- and after-school programs on-site. We also have several partnerships with outside before- and after-school programs that can bus students to or from our campuses.